Wake up Make up Oversize T-shirt

Wake up Make up Oversize T-shirt

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Wake Up to Make Up!

Hey, Sleep heads! If you don't wake up, how will you save the world?
An oversized T-shirt inspired by makeup and Japanese majokko shows!
A reminder that we are all magical inside.

Mori Galaxy: Novaella Collection

Model: Mimi Sugars

Height: 5'0

Size: Core

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Material and Texture
100% Polyester. Light weight, faux cotton fabric. Slightly stretchy.

Size Suggestions:

All sizes are one size up from U.S. Standard size. It is an OVERSIZE-T and will drop down to thighs for oversize-T look.
All shirts are about 2 size up in the US.
Size Planet and Star is closer to hugging the body, Planet size is similar to regular Small and Star size fits average medium sizes.

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