[Black] Hellena Long Sleeve Shirt

[Black] Hellena Long Sleeve Shirt


Need Healing?💉

Hellena is the sister of Lila, and a nurse of the Netherplane. She’s not quite an angel and not quite the devil. She heals her patients with a contract of blood. Not just any blood though… The blood of someone who won’t easily give up the fight.

The Apparel comes in two colors; Black and Pink. Depending on your mood, are you feeling kawaii 🎀 or just kawaii goth 🖤? The letters on the sleeves are stylized kanji “啊” an onomatopoeia for “ah,” and those angry marks 💢 are hearts 💕!

Model: Luna
Height: 5'
Size: Star

Model: Koji
Height: 5'8
Size: Star

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Hellena sizes

Size Suggestions:

Hellena is a unisex apparel. All sizes are quite large and loose-fitted. For a normal T-shirt fit, a regular medium size person can fit into Planet (XS) size. Star size fits Small-Medium US size; Core size fits the Medium-Large sizes, and Nova fits Large- X-Large Size. Sleeve length increase as size increases. 

The shirt material is 100% polyester. It's light weight fabric, stitched with soft see-through fabric. Cool to wear during to summer. 

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