If Looks Could Kill Loose Sleeves Shirt

If Looks Could Kill Loose Sleeves Shirt

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If Looks could Kill...

A phrase used in the modern days to describe an overwhelmingly beautiful woman, but did you know it was used to describe Medusa?
Trying to bring some justice to Medusa, and to add on to your killer looks. ;D
A cold shoulder T-shirt inspired by Greek mythology.
Merging it J-style with Greek style! The shirt is made from shiny silk polyester. It's soft to touch, and light to wear.

Mori Galaxy Nova Ella Collection

Model: Toxuki

Height: 5'0

Size: Star

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Material and Texture
100% Milk Polyester. Silky Soft, lightweight, breathable.

Size Suggestions:

Cold shoulder sleeves has holes that reveals shoulders. Fabrics is stretchy, silky, and loose.

  • Planet size is ideal children and young teens.

  • Core size has more natural fall of the clothing, and cold shoulder sleeves.