[Black] Medusa Play Rough Get Tough Sports Shirt

[Black] Medusa Play Rough Get Tough Sports Shirt


Some of you may know Medusa’s Mythology as a tragedy. But another story was that she was blessed by Athena to become a gorgon to prevent any more men from hurting her. So she gained strength to protect herself.

In my past design for Medusa “If looks Could Kill” was her being really cute and innocent. I wanted to give her a new look that fits both the top and her rough edgy-ness too. Made it into a sports shirt because, it’s like- by wearing it, we support her and gain her blessings to wear off evil. 🌟✨

Model: Sekka.Cos
Size: Star

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Material and Texture
100% Milk Polyester. Silky Soft, light weight, breathable.

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