Diesuki Sweater

Diesuki Sweater


大好き (Daisuki) means "I really like you" or in American translation "I love you" in Japanese. Mori punned it with "Die-suki," which translates to what is written in Kanji on the bottom: 爱死你 "I love you to death."

When people say "I love you so much I could eat you." In this case, it's literately. 😅

The sweater is double sided with type(fonts) on both sleeves.
Made of 100% polyester.

Mori Galaxy: Nova Ella Collection

Model: Wanderlust

Size: Core

Height: 5'7

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Size Suggestions:

Sizes are Unisex from Sizes Core to Super Nova.
If you are desiring for a fitted crop top sweater look, Star size is the best size for that. As size gets bigger, the crop becomes less apparent, and more coverage.

Men who are 5"11 and above are recommended to get Nova or Super Nova for a cropped look, and long sleeve fit. 

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