WE DID IT! Neko Fight Club Fully Funded! Success!

We Did it!

45 days of struggle- Done! $10k funding goal- Check! Stretched goals- Set!
This started as a New Year Resolution, and now a dream come true. Thank you to all those who have pledged to be part of Neko Fight Club!

So What now?

I've already sent out all the surveys for all the different rewards. Have you checked your emails yet?
We have 14 days to receive all surveys, adjust any payment issues, such as wrong credit card number or wrong expire date.
Final funds will be recieved on Feb 28.

Whats going in production:

  • The Jackets measurements are being over looked by master designers.
  • Finalizing patch designs.
  • Counting pins for order.
  • Stickers.
  • Secret gifts

But You don't need to worry your fuzzy heads. :3
The smaller tiers are more likely to be shipped out before the Jacket tiers.

What's ready to go?

Masks and Pins. Their designs are done. So it's all just up to you guys to finish up the surveys and letting me know which Nekos you want. ;D

It will be a busy up coming month, I'll be trying my best to get things done!


Special Paws to:

  • Alexis S. -for the help of packaging and friendship support
  • Tiffany T. -for all the guidance on Kickstarter
  • Julie T. -For all the constant support on kickstarter and as a friend!
  • Gary T. -For editing of the Kickstarter.
  • Paulo P. For accounting.

Love bites to the Cinema Staffs!

  • RAY- you are the man. Thank you for backing me up while I'm sick, and teaching me so much about Photography!
  • ARVIN- THIS WHOLE CAMPAIGN literately just got carried by your video. Thank you my man. Bless you.

Special Thanks to all the Mewdels:

  • YuYu.monster- Sweet Yuyu, Super thankful to you. From being a Novaella, to working with you in the giveaway, to helping with NFC. This project wouldn't have gotten this far without you.
  • Nico- You Marshmallow. You are love, you are what "sugoi" looks like. Really adore your effort and walk in the fashion show!
  • Megan - Thank you for agree to walk in the Fashion Show Last Minute! It was insane, wild, and you are so quick to pick up what is ask of you. I'm so proud of you. ;A;
  • Kyle - You are just a special Neko. You got the moves,  you got the grooves, you are none other than yourself!
  • Sean Chong-Umeda- You are The unicorn that shines so brightly in this Brand. We Love you!
  • Jessica Nigri- Thank you for the final push! We can't wait to give you our best Neko! Nya~<3
  • Lunabun.cos - Thank you for saying Yes! You make our galaxy that much prettier.
  • Marie Struges - Not only are you one of the coolest Novaella, but the sweetest Neko. Thank you for the support!
  • Rose - Thank you for promoting in our video! You're so amazing, and can't wait to work with you more in the future!
  • Kevin - Thank you for Promoting in NFC video! You spice things up with those bad boy vibes!
  • Nhi - Thank you for walking in the Fashion Show! You are full of wonders.
  • Jeff - Thank You for having so much personalities and being so fearless. Your every expression from the show to the floor, it's always so surprising and amazing. You're my proud boy. ;v;
  • Mimi - Sweet Mimi, you're just so cute, thank you for all the support!
  • Rei Yoshida- Thank you for being the cool cat that you are. Always supportive and strong. Mori Galaxy really adores you.
  • Alice: Thanks for randomly meeting me! XD

And many thanks to all the Backers. :) I'll thank all of you individually soon. <3

Eat some Dangos, break some watermelons, lets celebrate!

Eat some Dangos, break some watermelons, lets celebrate!