Please support us to bring Neko Fight Club to life!


Neko Fight Club originated from the idea of powerful women running the show. Where three unlikely cat girls come together to form a group, with the idea of creating a kinder world.

Together, they overcome differences, difficulties, and hard decisions. Each member is unique and irreplaceable within the triad.

These are the varsity jackets and characters that we hope to bring to life from this Kickstarter:

Kiki, the leader of the group. She is the dreamer, the charmer, and persuader. She has the ability to have people listen to her, and it is said that her eye patch has magical powers. Strength harbors magic. In order to lead, you must believe. Take control of your own destiny. Only you know what is best for yourself. Have courage and you’ll Seize the Day!


Chi, the mastermind of the group. She organizes the group's activity, events, and resolves any difficulties the club may face using logic. For wisdom, there is science. Knowledge and science go hand in hand. Envision every angle and possibility. Knowledge is power. When things gets tough, the tough gets going. It’s always been... Mind over Matter.

Rei, the jack of all trades. The balance of the triad. Through her many jobs and experiences, she gains the credibility of the people. Her charisma smooth over any rough patches in human communications. Everything comes easily to the jack of all trades; the master of technology. Motivated by the challenge of impossibilities, and risk it all for the ride. Nothing matters more than the friendship that takes you to places. Be the Ride or Die that others can rely on

Which Neko Are you?