Neko Fight Club Masks!

Neko Fight Club Masks PREORDER has ended!
Thank you so much to everyone who supported the preorder of the masks!
The funds raised here will go towards funding the new Neko Varsity Jackets. Hope you guys look forward to that!

mask half 1_neko fight club_Mori_Galaxy_morigalaxy

Pink Mask Neko Fight Club_Morigalaxy_mori_galaxy_92712017
Black mask close up_Morigalaxy_mori_galaxy_92712017
Blue neko masks_Morigalaxy_mori_galaxy_92712017

Here are some pictures of masks samples. This is what they will look like, and I'm really excited!
They are microfibers, so very soft on the face. Made similar materials as polyester, but easier to wash and long lasting colors.

About the Club

Neko Fight Club is a fictional group that represents real skills among people, and help promote inner and outer strength.

Wether the skill is to be a mastermind using.....


Knowledge, 知識 (zhishi), (Pink)

to out smart the others.
Or to take control with

Will and power, 全力 (Black),

Or to realize their goals, or utilizing what they are innately good at,

Talent 本識 (benshi) (Blue)

to challenge those around them....

With great power comes great responsibilities.
But how you take control of your NEKO, is up to you! <3

Black Neko Face Masks_Sample_MoriGalaxy_Mori_Galaxy

Estimated Dates of Arrival and Productions

  • Oct 6 Production of the masks starts
  • Oct 14 Masks arrives/ Mask mail out
  • Oct 15 NFC Mask will be relisted as Final product

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below!