Process of Morning Glory


If you're curious of how I do my art work, here is a GIF process.

This art work took me a while, because I always like to wait until I feel something for the work before I started drawing again. This piece came to me at a really bad time. A lot of "life" things were happening when I sketched this. The drawing felt like a subconscious call for serenity.

I originally planned for this work to be orange rather than blue, but I felt blue was a more soothing color so I went with that one instead. I had planned the flower to be Rush Flower. The name of the flower was suppose to contradict how I felt about the image, to reflect my life. However, after I found my center, I was able to correct some anatomy issues, and fix whatever didn't flow. After a lot of polishing I realize I was loosing my theme of flower.

Working from late PMs to super early AMs, it gave a feeling of morning, and Morning Glory came to mind...It fitted the artwork. So I changed the plant, but the original meaning was still intact. Calm.

In the end, I want to give this message to people, which is;

No matter how hard or crazy life gets, take a moment for yourself. Recollect. Then be ready to bloom again.

The sketch.
I originally wanted to name this art "Calm" to portray the emotion I felt when I sketched it. I focused on mainly the emotions and anatomy here.

Testing out the water with the colors. Trying to figure out my lights and shadows.

This was the time to make mistakes.

I honestly like the green, orange, and blues. However I lost the flower theme here. so I figured out where I wanted to put the flower. The flower was originally going to be a Rush flower. Turns out, they are quite small.

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