Burn Kit T-Shirt

Burn Kit T-Shirt


Oooh Burn!!

Is your sassy mouth running wild again? Then maybe this shirt will be perfect for you! It has all the treatment for a good sass burn.

Its a double sided shirt. On the back you'll find another story. XD


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Model: Nico
Height: 5'7
Size: Star

Second Model: Peng
Height: 6’0
Size: Nova

Material and Texture
100% Polyester. Lightweight, faux cotton fabric. Slightly stretchy.

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Shipping rate will change when an international address is applied.

Are limited discounted items with minimal manufacture flaws, possible small stains, and print discoloration. Purchase at your own discretion. (Price will fluctuate depending on flaws). [Bargain items are available when [Add to Cart] button is dark purple]

Size Suggestion:

Sizes are Unisex for this apparel.
Height 5'5 and above recommended to get size Core and Nova.

  • Women who are 4"-5'5 would recommend Star and Core.
  • Men with broad shoulders would recommend Nova.

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