Tengu Folklore Purse

Tengu Folklore Purse


Tengu Folklore bag is in the Mythology Collection.

  • The bag is 5x8 inches.
  • Red cloth lining, containing 3 pockets inside.
  • Comes with matching lanyard
  • A matching art card


Leather Texture:
Soft Smooth

This bag is water resistant. Faux Leather

You can put brushes, accessories, or pencils, or glasses, and many more inside for protection.

Original Art and Design by: Mori Galaxy


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Tengus (天狗)
Popularly known in the Japanese yokai folklore.

Tengus aren't always crows, they are often depicted as other bird like creatures. The Tengus have a hierarchical society, and the the Sojobo, the King of Tengus, are the biggest of all Tengus. Tengus are thought to be good swords man and martial arts artist. They pass their knowledge to their clan. 

In children's book, Tengus taught lessons similar to aesop's fables. They are shape shifters and can transform into humans. As yokais, they tricked people, and kidnapped bad children. They also punish Buddhist priests who misused their knowledge of Buddhism.

Tengu'sname translates to "Heavenly dog," which is confusing because they're bird like creatures with human body. Depending on which parts of Japan, they can either have a bird beak or long nose, and variations of wings. The origin of Tengu is subjective, since Buddhism has a wide range of gods. The possible origin might be from the Hindu god, Garuda, who has wings on his back, and is known to carry out Dharma (the law) to protect the Sutra (knowledge of Buddhism). The name "Tengu" might have carried over from China when Buddhism arrived in Japan 16-17AD.

Modern days, Tengus have deviated away from their Yokai or demon attributes, and gained a protector title.
They are deities that offers protection to humans, mountains, and forest.