The Brand

Love. Culture. Nature. Cute. Childish. Pastel. Happy. Nostalgic. Colorful. Expressive. Unique.

Mori Galaxy is a brand built upon childish nostalgia. Created from the love of culture all over the world. Our soft pastel colors hopes to bring forth a happier outlook to others. Hoping that one smile will lead to another.

Our focus is to create cross-culture items. For a lost generation who is stuck between two or more languages or two or more cultures. We hope that by bring forth more items that has multi or cross culture meanings, we can bring together people of different backgrounds. Because in the end, we are all created from stars, so why not act like one?

Are you starry eyes yet?

Our Logo

Mori is like the Moon, changing through phases,
but remains the same at the core.
And like an evolution to become a butterfly,
Our motto,
"It's never too late to change, and it's never too late for change."


"Chukairi" is the artist name of Melody Wang.
Chukairi is the past, the future, and the present of Mori Galaxy.
If we look at Mori Galaxy like a planet, Chukairi is like the mantle, Mori Galaxy is the crust that represents and contains everything, and the core being the creator. :D

Most of the art work from fanart to original art work are reminiscence of Chukairi. Instead of being the brand, Chukairi is now a mascot!
Our starry eye girl is Chukairi!

The Creator

Melody (Mori) Wang is an indecisive college student that still have not fully decided to quit or continue her college life. Though, she only has one semester left. What a cliff hanger! To her college could be done at any time, but a life time opportunity to create a brand doesn't happen everyday.

Mori likes to be a potato, and is often an organized mess. From being an illustrator, to graphic designer, to a business person, she tries to do it all.




Anime Expo (2012-17)
Sac Anime (2012-17)
Sakura Kon (2013-2014)
Kawaii Kon (2013-15)
Fanime (2012-16)
Anacon (2014)
PMX (2012-13)
Anime Los Angeles (2012)
Big Wow (2013-2015)
Wondercon (2013-2017)
Emerald City Comic Con (2012)
Comikaze Comic Con (2014-2016)
Long Beach Comic Con (2013-14)



I'm the art show, Deal With it
Pixeldrip Gallery (2013)
Creation Gallery Exhibit,
California State University Fullerton (2013)


Overwatch Zine (2017)
Transcend Art Book (2015)
Melon Berry Tea art books (2014)
Tales of Beijing (2014)
Pokemon Awkward (2012)





Daily Deviation from Deviantart:
Glass Angel, 2014
Good Night Sleep Tight, 2013

LACITEA Award 2010
National Art Honor Society Award 2010
National Technical Honor Society Award 2010
Skill USA Graphic Design Gold Medalist (city competition.) (2009-2010)
Skill USA Graphic Design Bronze Medalist (State competition) (2010)