The Brand

Mori Galaxy is a brand promoting cute galaxy fashion with a focus of multicultural theme.
We like to orchestrate colors, built bridges between western and eastern cultures with puns. And tell stories of history and art with design. Our goal is create communications between people who are interested in expanding their galaxy of knowledge about different cultures.

Mori Galaxy is established in Oct 7, 2016.
The creator wanted a place for her art to live. A happy place for original content to thrive.
Forming a cluster of fashion to design, to photography and art. Everything is in harmony of the brand. A new born forest of Galaxy

Keep it simple. Share positivity.
We are one, and unique.
We were all born from the stars,
Are you starry eyed, yet?

The Logo

The Moon and the butterfly is a symbol of change.
Mori is like the Moon, changing through phases,
and remains the same at the core.

The butterfly is the final form of metamorphosis.
It's the representation of perfection, and always striving to be better.

The Creator

Mori Galaxy is created by Melody Wang.
She studied in drawing, advertisement design, film, and photography.
At age 16, she wanted to experience as many art fields as possible, because she was too curious in how everything worked.
Won awards with Skill USA in advertisement, placing first place in county level, and second place in state level.  After high school, she gained scholarship to studied at California State University of Fullerton to become an Illustrator.

She was a full time college student and a full time artist. She supported herself throughout college with the money she gained from selling her work. However, college did not fulfill her hunger in wanting to bring art into business. There was a gap in teaching art (how to draw) and selling art (how to make money). She quit college after feeling unfulfilled by the education system, and redirected her focus on creating her very own brand.

All in all, she is now just a happy CEO, learning, failing, and succeeding along the way of forming a perfectly imperfect galaxy.