When Heaven Meets Earth Bag

When Heaven Meets Earth Bag


When Heaven Meets Earth....
You come, to take me apart,
You leave, to put me back together.
We change, with the material that forms us,
We are new... and ancient.
If Earth...is somewhere in between
then let us grow to heaven

Kaleidoscope bags are a collection of flower and glass. It's flower meanings are "heartfelt gratitude" or "thankful for being understood."

This bag:

  • The bag is 5x8 inches.
  • Red cloth lining, containing 3 pockets inside.
  • Comes with matching lanyard (purple)

Leather Texture:
Cross hatching Skin

This bag is water resistant. Faux Leather.

You can put jewelries, or make up, or pencils, or glasses, and many more inside for protection.

Take a piece of Mori to your galaxy!

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