Calm- Morning Glory

Calm- Morning Glory


Before Sun Rise..
Before Dawn...
Through the Chaos of the world...
We rise above it.
In dreams... or in....Life

Morning Glories are a type of flowers that is able to bloom in the morning and close the petals at night. Some species of MG only lasts a day. The flower comes in various colors, but best known for white, blue, and purple. The meaning of morning glories are often love and mortality. Morning glories are vine plants, and they climb to wherever they can reach sunlight. Striving for longevity. Always appreciate the beauty of life before it fades. Here is a bag to tribute to it all.

  • The bag is 5x8 inches.
  • Red cloth lining, containing 3 pockets inside.
  • Comes with matching lanyard

Leather Texture:
Cross Hatching Texture

This bag is water resistant. Faux Leather

You can put jewelries, or pencils, or notebooks, and many more inside for protection.

Original Art and Design by: Mori Galaxy

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