Ai Ai Captain Sweater

Ai Ai Captain Sweater

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Do you want the sweater?  "Ai Ai Captain!"
Like the artist, this sweater was inspired by two culture into one.

The Kanji 愛愛 says "Ai Ai" which is similar pronunciation in English as in "aye aye".

愛(ai) which means "love" is one of the most recognizable Kanji letters in the world. So let's share cultures in a lovely way. 💜💗💜

Sweater made of 100% polyester. Out side has a silky high quality to it, and interior is a soft felted texture. It's light to wear and will keep you warm.

Mori Galaxy: Nova Ella Collection

  • Model: Mikan
  • Height: 5'3
  • Size: Super Nova

Material and Texture
90% Polyester, 10% Felt. Smooth, slightly shinny silky texture outside. Soft, short fluffy, fur inside. Light to wear, but keeps warm.


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Size Suggestions:

Sizes are Unisex for this apparel.
If you are desiring for a fitted look, Star size can fit Small to medium size.

  • If you are looking for comfort anything Between Core to Super Nova is a good size to camp in.
  • If you want the longest sleeve possible, Super Nova got you covered.
  • Height between 5'11 and up, size Nova and Super Nova are recommended.