Shiba Maru Ring T-Shirt

Shiba Maru Ring T-Shirt

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Are you Guilty? 🤔

For all the dog lovers, you got it ruff!
Even if they made a mistake, how can you resist all those cute cheeks, and those sad puppy eyes? Let's forgive them, and get ice cream!

Material and Texture
The shirt is 100% cotton. Screen printed. Tough cotton fabric.

Model: Mimi Sugars

  • Height: 5'0

  • Size: Star

Male Model: Sean Chong-Umeda

  • Height: 5'5

  • Size: Star

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You can Iron the T-shirt on cotton setting!

Sizes are measurements of clothes laid FLAT.

Size Suggestions:

  • Women who are 4'0 to 5'5 would recommend Planet Size.
  • Men with broad shoulders would recommend Nova to Super Nova.