Daylight Dream Fox

Daylight Dream Fox


Having a bad dream? Dream foxes will prevent you from any harm during your sleep. A kiss from these foxes will cure you of any bad dreams and maladies.

A protection charm.
The art style derives form traditional Chinese and Japanese wood print
My intention for this charm is to wear away any nightmares.


These charms came from a dream the creator had. In the dream, the creator was stung by a poisonous fly, her hand swelled up, and she was going to pass in 2 days. While that happened, two foxes passed by in a hall way. The two foxes wore masks, and saw the situation wondering if they should help. One of them walked away, and one came to her aid. One of the mask fox licked her hand, and saved her life. She then woke up, in hopes of honoring them through her art.


  • Made out of cherry wood
  • Clear iridescent Acrylic Moon.


  • 2.5 inches height and approximately 1.5 inches width
  • 4mm thick
  • The tassel is approximately 2 -3 inches.

One charm per order.
Presented in a jewelry box, and sent in with a bubble wrap envelope.

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